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Gas Cooktop Conversions

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Need help to switch from a gas cooktop to an electric cooktop?

Earlier this year, the Victorian government announced that new homes needing a planning permit must be all-electric. The latest update to the Roadmap includes a new plan to make all new homes gas-free. That leaves homes and small businesses currently powered by gas needing to convert to electricity as soon as possible. Therefore moving away from gas via efficient electrification includes the conversion of the humble gas cooktop.

That's where the team at 1st Call Electrical Services is here to assist. Our experienced electricians are up to date with the new legislation and are dedicated to making the conversion as straightforward as possible and cost-effective for households and small businesses.

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Efficient Induction Cooktop upgrade

Gas to Electric Cooktop Conversion Complete Conversion at a Fixed Price

A cooktop is one of the most important appliances in any household; having it installed correctly is crucial for optimal performance. Our experienced installation team will ensure a safe and efficient transition from your gas cooktop to a new induction model. We will disconnect your current gas hob and install a new induction cooktop minimising an inconvenience to your household or business. Once you have selected the ideal cooktop that will meet your needs, our skilled electricians will handle the entire installation process.

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Other services we provide include

We offer an extensive array of electrical services tailored for both residential and commercial spaces. Maintaining the functionality of your property's electrical system is crucial, not just for its efficiency but also to ensure the safety of both your premises and its occupants. From replacing faulty power outlets to installing comprehensive electrical systems, our expertise enables us to swiftly complete any task while strictly adhering to electrical safety codes and regulations.

Why choose us to help you make the switch?

  • We are across the Victorian government gas substitution roadmap and dedicated to helping with the legislated transition
  • We are Master Electricians highly qualified, licensed, insured, and industry-trained.
  • Provide free, no-obligation quotes explaining the work we will perform
  • Offer reasonable and competitive prices
  • No matter the size of the job, you are guaranteed the best electrical services in Melbourne
  • We understand that waiting for tradesmen can be frustrating, which is why we will appoint a time for your appointment and promptly attend.
  • We believe that a professional approach gains a professional outcome.
  • We will treat your premises with respect and care.
  • We have open communication with our customers from our first apt to the end of the job.
  • Safety is paramount in every job we do.
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For all your electrical needs including gas cooktop conversions phone 1300 016 671 to speak to one of our team or complete our online enquiry form and we will be in touch.

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