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Lighting Melbourne

Complete lighting solutions Melbourne

1st Call Electrical Services offers comprehensive home and business lighting services including installations, repairs, and energy-efficient upgrades across Melbourne’s central suburbs. Our experienced electricians can provide expert advice on switching to LED lighting throughout your home to start saving on power today.

Your local lighting electrician

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Lighting services Melbourne

Our specialist lighting electricians cover a full range of lighting services for all styles and types of lighting including:

  • Interior - kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, ceiling lights, wall lights, dimmers, floor lights
  • Outdoor lighting - solar, garden, driveway, landscape
  • Security - flood, sensor lights, timers,
  • Architectural
  • Commercial, office, and industrial lighting inc high bay lights
  • Lighting automation
  • LED lighting and energy-saving upgrades
  • All styles of lights - downlights, vintage, hanging, LED strip lighting
Light Bulbs

Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting alternatives

Switching to an energy-efficient lighting options throughout your home and business can significantly reduce your electricity use, potentially halving your lighting costs. CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and LED bulbs provide a long-lasting, power-saving alternative to older styles such as halogen bulbs.

With the price of LED and CFL bulbs reducing all the time and manufacturers producing bulbs for everything from tiny downlights or extravagant chandeliers, to stadium floodlighting, there's really no reason not to make the move to a more economical choice of lighting.

Our electricians can provide specific recommendations for the lighting systems in your home or business and carry out any adjustments to fittings or replacement installations needed.

Light Bulb Buying Guide - Energy Rating (920 KB)

Find out more reasons to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting - Benefits of switching your home lighting to LED

Home lighting Melbourne

Great home lighting provides the perfect illumination in every room of your house. Soft muted, more indirect ambient light is ideal for areas like the lounge room or bedrooms and bright task lighting is needed for zones like the kitchen or office. Our lighting electricians can ensure the lighting design is ideal for the different areas of your home.

Whether you’re upgrading your existing lights, renovating or building a new home, our Melbourne electricians are ready to help.

Garden lighting Melbourne

Installing garden lighting can bring your outdoor areas alive and expand the areas of your home that you can utilise day or night. Garden lighting can be utilised for security and safety purposes as well as featuring your beautiful front and back yard. Find out more about our garden lighting services.

Your local lighting electrician Melbourne

Create the perfect lighting for your Melbourne home or business with 1st Call Electrical Services. Contact our team by calling 1300 360 215 or complete our booking request form today.


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Master Electrician of the Year

1st Call Electrical is extremely proud to be the winner of the Victorian Master Electricians Excellence Awards for the 2nd year in a row. This is testament to the great work we do for our many customers.