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Switchboard Upgrade

Professional electrical switchboard upgrades

1st Call Electrical Services offer professional switchboard upgrade services for homes and businesses throughout Melbourne CBD and central suburbs. Our team of licenced electricians can take care of every aspect of your switchboard upgrades ensuring all work is safe, compliant, and carried out to all relevant industry, state and Australian standards. Don’t risk the safety of your family book an electrical switchboard upgrade today.

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Reasons to upgrade your older fuse board

Ageing electrical systems can pose a serious electrical accident and fire hazard in your home or business. Due to the hidden way nature of the electrical wiring and systems by the time you notice a problem it could be too late.

Not sure if your switchboard needs an upgrade? Here are a few very good reasons:

  • Electrical safety - older switchboards or fuse boxes don’t provide the same electrical safety protection for residents as modern systems.
  • Industry developments - advances in products, regulations, and house wiring systems mean that an outdated switchboard can be vastly different from newer versions
  • Fire hazard - old wiring can become loose over time causing arcing which can lead to overheating or fire.
  • Safety switch - electrical safety switches are required to be fitted to the power point circuit of homes in Victoria. These little gadgets provide advanced protection for residents by quickly cutting the electricity when a fault in the circuit is detected, potentially saving lives and preventing electrical accidents.
  • Increased electrical demand - the need for power for electrical appliances in modern homes is way above what older fuse boards are designed to handle which can result in overheating, repeated tripping of circuit breakers, and an increased fire risk.
  • Experiencing regular short circuits - if the power trips out regularly this is a clear sign something is wrong with your electrical systems.
Old Fuse Board

If your fuse board looks like this call our electricians today.

Advantages of modern switchboards

Modern switchboards offer many safety systems that older style fuse boxes lack which provide a safeguard for your appliances as well as anyone living or working in your home.

  • Fixed circuit breakers - no need to rewire or replace
  • Safety switches (or RCDs) - fitted to the power point circuit however our electricians recommend a safety switch is fitted to every electrical circuit to fully protect residents
  • Custom designed - your new switchboard can be designed specifically to cater for the current and future electrical needs of your home or business.
  • Reliable - reducing the incidence of components failing.
  • Switchboard enclosure - many older fuse boxes are made of timber or asbestos materials which meant drilling into the board to carry out repairs could disturb the asbestos fibres as well as an increased fire risk.
  • Surge protection - protecting your home and appliances from power surges from electrical storms or faults in the mains grid system.
Modern Switchboard Upgrade

What’s the difference between a circuit breaker and a safety switch?

Circuit breakers protect wiring systems and appliances, safety switches protect people, your home needs both. Find out more on our blog - What’s the difference between a circuit breaker and a safety switch?

Your local specialist for switchboard upgrades Melbourne

Ensure your home is electrically safe contact 1st Call Electrical Services for a professional switchboard upgrade on 1300 360 215 or complete our electrician booking request form today.


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