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Looking for Ceiling Fan Installers in Melbourne?

Then look no further than 1st Call Electrical, your ceiling fan installation experts in Melbourne. Our electricians have extensive hands-on experience when it comes to ceiling fan installation, ensuring your ceiling fans look great and meet industry standards. Whether you're needing one ceiling fan for your bedroom or fans to be installed in every room, we can help. Get in contact today to find out more!

Your local ceiling fan installation experts

Experienced ceiling fan installation services

Our ceiling fan installers will discuss your needs and assist you in deciding the best ceiling fans for your home. They can supply and install the fan of your choice or install the ceiling fans you've already got.

Read our information page on how to choose a ceiling fan.

How to install a ceiling fan

By calling a professional! In Australia, it is a requirement by law that all ceiling fans are installed by an appropriately qualified electrician. Also, it is worth reconsidering your decision if you are thinking you will complete a ceiling fan installation yourself. Not only is the job dangerous, it can both void your insurance and you can get a huge fine if you are caught. With this in mind, it is best to call us in to help!

Ceiling fan installation cost in Melbourne

How much it costs to install a ceiling fan is influenced by the following:

  • How much does the ceiling fan itself cost?
  • How high the ceiling is where you want the ceiling fan? Obviously the higher the ceiling the harder it is to access and undertake the installation. Similarly, it may require an extension rod.
  • Is there wiring already where you want the ceiling fan located?
  • Is it a remote controlled fan or does it have a wall switch? If you need a wall switch the electrician will need to run cabling down to the switch.
  • What is the ceiling made of where you want the fan located? Is there a beam there or will extra bracing be required? Is it concrete (eg apartment) that requires drilling etc?

IMPORTANT: If your switchboard is old and not up to industry standards, it may need to be replaced before an electrician can legally install ceiling fans.

So as you can see, when it comes to the cost of ceiling fan installation, there are huge range of factors that can influence price. That is why it is so important to ensure you speak to a professional and receive a proper quote. At 1st Call Electrical, we ensure we provide accurate and affordable quotes for all ceiling installation services, offering you peace of mind that you know the cost before we start.

Benefits of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have been around for a long time for a reason. There are many benefits to ceiling fans, including:

  • They are cheap to run. By far cheaper to run then an air conditioner.
  • They are effective at cooling the house down and moving air around.
  • They are also great at moving air around in winter. Simply reverse the direction of the fans and they will help mix the warmer air from your heater.
  • Similarly, they are great at making your air conditioner more efficient by moving the cooler air around.
  • Ceiling fans can make a statement and help set up your interior design.

Why choose 1st Call Electrical?

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Reliable ceiling fan installation Melbourne

If you would like to know more about what 1st Call Electrical can offer when it comes to ceiling fan installation, or would like to speak to one of our team members regarding any other service we provide, give us a call now on 1300 360 215 or complete an online job enquiry form. We are the ceiling fan specialists you can rely on in Melbourne, so get in contact today!

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