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Protect your family with an electrical safety switch

1st Call Electrical offers the installation, repairs, and testing of safety switches throughout Melbourne CBD and central suburbs. Protect your family or tenants from electrical accidents by fitting an electrical safety switch the circuits in your property today.

Does your safety switch keep tripping?

What is a safety switch?

A safety switch monitors the flow of electricity through a circuit and detects problems which could potentially cause harm to residents. The safety switch activates in 0.03 of a second preventing electric shock, injury and death.

A circuit breaker or fuse is not the same as a safety switch.

  • Circuit breakers, fuses, and surge protectors protect electrical wiring and appliances.
  • Safety switches protect people.

Testing the safety switch

Homeowners, residents and tenants should regularly test the safety switch to ensure it is in working order and will provide protection in an electrical emergency. Our electrical team recommend testing every 3 months.

  • Step 1 - Press the TEST or 'T' button on the device - this should trip the switch to the OFF position and cut off electricity to the circuit.
  • Step 2 - Reset by returning the switch to the ON position

Switch won't reset? Switch off and unplug all the appliances, leads, and electrical equipment in your home. Try Step 2 again. If the safety switch resets there could be an issue with one of your appliances. Gradually plug everything back into the power. If an appliance trips the switch when plugged back in discontinue use and have it checked by a licenced electrician .

If the safety switch fails to reset, even once all electrical equipment has been disconnected, contact a licenced electrician immediately for testing and repairs. Do not attempt electrical repairs yourself.

Please note - most safety switches are fitted on the powerpoint circuit in a home and only provide protection when using items plugged into this circuit. To fully protect your family have your electrician install a safety switch on every circuit in your home, including the lighting, oven, hot water system and air conditioning circuits.

What's the difference between a safety switch and a circuit breaker?

Safety switch installation Melbourne

The electrical safety of your home is our number one priority, contact our experienced electricians for safety switch installation, repairs and testing on 1300 016 671 or complete our service request form today.

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