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3 Phase Power

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Three phase power installation, testing, & systems

3 phase power is used mostly in commercial and industrial applications, however, some larger home appliances may require a three-phase connection. Ist Call Electrical Services offers 3 phase power installation, repairs, testing, and maintenance throughout Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs.

Upgrade your electrical system

Benefits of 3 phase power systems

3 phase power, as opposed to single-phase power which is used in most homes and smaller businesses, has many benefits for systems which require more power.

Advantages of 3 phase systems include:

  • Provides continuous, consistent electrical power - ideal for the efficient running of electric motors
  • Cheaper to run than a single phase system for large demand properties
  • Cheaper to install - particularly for new commercial applications
  • Ideal for data centres or large electrical installations as it ensures reliable power supply
  • Supplies increased power from the same amount of current
  • The constant power supply helps to reduce generator and motor vibrations, decreasing wear and maintenance, and extending the life of your machinery.

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How 1st Call Electrical can help you?

Complete commercial and industrial electrical services - we can take care of single phase and three phase power requirements as well as all your businesses other electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and testing.

  • Top quality components - for a reliable long lasting power supply system
  • Ensure minimal disruption to your business - We work around your schedule, shifts, or during downtime.
  • Upgrade a single phase to 3 phase electricity system.
  • Safety is our top priority - all systems are fully tested to safeguard staff and customers.
  • Our team comprise of industry experienced commercial and industrial electricians. We have a practical solution for all your business’s power issues.

Your local 3 phase power specialists

For the very best in commercial and industrial 3 phase power services across Melbourne contact our electricians on 1300 016 671 or complete our electrical contractor booking today.

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