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Emergency Light Testing

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Complete emergency lighting service Melbourne

Emergency lighting systems ensure the occupants in a building can safely evacuate in the event of a power outage, fire, or emergency. Our experienced electrical offer a comprehensive emergency lighting testing service throughout central Melbourne and surrounding suburbs to ensure the safety and compliance of your building.

Professional emergency systems testing Melbourne

Testing and maintenance

1st Call Electrical Services take the safety of your building's occupants very seriously. Our electricians offer a comprehensive emergency lighting testing and maintenance service to provide safe and compliant emergency systems throughout your building.

6 monthly emergency lighting test includes:

  • visual check of lights and exit signs for mains operation
  • 90-minute manual battery discharge test
  • check all lights and fire exit signs to ensure correct functioning
  • restore system and recharge batteries in each fitting
  • visual check of lights and signs where automatic discharge systems apply at the controller or indicator panel
  • full log book completion
  • repair or replacement of failed components such as batteries, bulbs, and diffusers
  • review systems for compliance with current Australian Standards
  • review lights and signs for correct positioning and relocate if required.

Emergency Light Testing Melbourne

12 monthly emergency lighting test includes:

  • a complete test as per 6 monthly testing
  • clean and inspect all fittings and reflective surfaces to ensure maximum illumination

We recommend upgrading light bulbs in emergency light and fire exit signs to long-lasting, energy efficient LED bulbs. Our team will ensure all replacement parts comply with AS2293.3 and provide the longest possible maintenance free intervals.

New emergency lighting installations

If you're building or renovating 1st Call Electrical Services offer the installation of the emergency lighting, exit signs, battery backup systems, and interconnected wiring systems ensuring all aspects comply with the most relevant Australian Standards.

Emergency light test Melbourne

For the most comprehensive and thorough emergency light test throughout Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs contact 1st Call Electrical Services on 1300 016 671 or complete our service request form today

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