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Need a range hood installation service in melbourne?

Does your kitchen have an effective rangehood? There is nothing more annoying while cooking your perfect dinner, then filling the kitchen with smoke from the stove and even setting off the smoke alarm. A close second would be trying to watch TV or listen to a conversation while coooking, and only hearing a noisy range hood. So if this sounds like you, maybe it's time you got a new rangehood installation; a good quality range hood is both powerful and quiet. 1st Call electricians can help you get your kitchen exhaust working how it should.

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Rangehood Installation Considerations

Position of the rangehood

For a range hood to be safe and effective it is important it is positioned correctly. Not only do you need to ensure that it is positioned directly over the stove, but it also needs to be the correct height above the stove top. If the rangehood is too close to the stove top it can become a fire risk and conversely, if it is too high, it will not generate enough airflow from the stove top. So it's important to read the rangehood manufacturers manual to see what their recommended height is.

Important: The Australian standards (AS/NZS 5601) stipulate that a rangehood must have a minimum clearance above a gas stove top of 600mm

Position of the powerpoint for the rangehood

It is also important to consider where the powerpoint for the rangehood should go. It looks best if the powerpoint is hidden away from sight, but it also needs to have access in case you need to turn it off. It should also be positioned where it isn't going to be covered in grease etc.

Slideout vs fixed rangehood

The big decision here is effectiveness versus userability and look. In other words, a fixed rangehood generally works better but can stand out and get in the way of your head; whilst slideout rangehoods are generally not as effective but can slide away.

Ducted vs Recirculating Rangehoods

The last consideration is whether to have a ducted or recirculating rangehood. If cost and access isn't an issue then you would always go with a ducted range hood. This means that all cooking smells and smoke are vented to the outside world and not back into your house. However, often there isn't easy access to run a duct from a rangehood to outside the home and this can also end up costing a lot more than a recirculating rangehood.

How much does range hood installation cost?

This is a hard question to answer as every rangehood installation is different. The key aspects that affect the cost of installation are:

  • Ducted vs Recirculating: Ducted will cost more and this cost will vary depending on how far the ducting goes, where it can be placed and how it exits the house.
  • Cabinetry: Is there a space for the rangehood or does a space need to be made within the cabinetry
  • Power: Where is the closest power circuit to use for the rangehood.

Of course, on top of the rangehood installation cost is the cost of the rangehood itself. As a general guide, rangehoods can cost anywhere from $100 to over $2000. If you're trying to choose a good rangehood for your kitchen, you can check out the Choice guide to rangehoods.

Qualified and experienced rangehood installers

The electricians at 1st Call Electrical have years of hands-on range hood installation experience, allowing us to provide a service that is second to none. All our team are fully qualified and appropriately licenced, offering you peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company to complete the job. Additionally, we love our work and want our craftsmanship to be the best, as it makes us proud and gives us job satisfaction too.

Why choose us as your range hood installers?

So, if you're not already convinced, why choose 1st Call Electrical as your rangehood installers throughout Melbourne CBD and central suburbs?

  • On-time: We understand that waiting for tradesmen can be really frustrating, which is why we will appoint a time for your appointment and promptly attend.
  • Professional:We believe that a professional approach begets a professional outcome, so this is something we really focus on.
  • Clean and Tidy:We will treat your premises with respect and care, always working in a tidy and orderly manner and always cleaning up when finished.
  • Qualified: Our electricians are qualified professionals, with hands-on experience and knowledge
  • Communication: We communicate with our clients clearly and concisely. It is highly important to us that you understand all aspects of your project from our arrival time to the outcome and that you are able to communicate any queries or concerns with us at any time.
  • Safety: Safety always comes first!
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If you would like some more information regarding rangehood installation, or would like to arrange one of our qualified team members to attend your home or workplace to complete electrical work, give 1st Call Electrical a ring on 1300 360 215 or complete an online job booking form.

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