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Electrician Windsor

Do you need aWindsor Electrician?

When you need a domestic electrician or a commercial electrician 1st call is the local team you can count on.

Looking for a Melbourne Electrician?


Looking for a Windsor electrician who provides great service? In a rolling survey of new customers, 98% responded that they were happy or very happy with the level of service provided by 1st Call.


Based only 3.4Km’s from Windsor 1st Call can easily provide friendly and knowledgeable fault finding and service electricians reducing the cost and lost time that electrical, phone and data faults can cause.


We offer early morning appointments to all Windsor residents and businesses so that you can still make the school run, open shop and get to work on time while we get on creating the best electrical outcomes for you.


1st Call can provide a commercial electrician to assist you if your business is expanding. Avoiding inconvenient disruptions to your workplace 1st Call’s team of Windsor electricians have the knowledge and skills to help you with a range of work from a new desk location to a complete office renovation.

Struggling with low voltage downlights?

Stop now! Did you know that LED equivalent downs lights are now cheaper, safer and brighter than ever? There is no need to worry about fire hazards of conventional downlights again when 1st Call can install new LED lighting. The lamps are often guaranteed to last 7 years so you can sell your wobbly old stepladder; spend more time relaxing and less time changing globes.

Need more information?

To discuss your needs in more detail call us now on 1300 360 215 and speak to the electrician in Windsor can rely on.

More than just Electricians in Windsor


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Master Electrician of the Year

1st Call Electrical is extremely proud to be the winner of the Victorian Master Electricians Excellence Awards for the 2nd year in a row. This is testament to the great work we do for our many customers.