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Air Conditioning McKinnon

Do you need Air Conditioning in McKinnon?

Whether you need a domestic or commercial Air Conditioning in McKinnon 1st Call is here to help.

Looking for the right air conditioner?

Make 1st Call Electrical Services your 'first call' for all your air conditioning needs in McKinnon.

No nonsense

Many homeowners are unsure of which size air conditioner is the most economical for the area they wish to cool or heat. Our air conditioner technicians can help with expert sizing, placement and feature advice to ensure the unit you buy is the most effective one available.

Why use 1st Call Electrical Services?
  • We're on time - because we value your time.
  • We're tidy - working in an orderly manner and cleaning up afterwards.
  • We're professional - ensuring communication is clear and all aspects of the work are understood by all for a professional outcome.
  • We enjoy it - so you get the very best outcome for your project.
Benefits of regular Air Conditioner servicing
  1. Extend the life of your unit
  2. Ensure the system is working at its most efficient. Faulty air cons can use more power to operate.
  3. Catch issues before they cause or become larger problems.
  4. Help prevent breakdowns during periods of high demand such as on hot summer days and cold winter evenings.
  5. Allowing the system to operate effectively.
  6. Ensuring your home receives clean, bacteria and mould free air. Deep cleaning inside the unit removes mould build up and ensures filters collect airborne dust, allergens and mould spores.
Need more information?

If would like to discuss your needs in more detail please call us now on 1300 360 215 and speak to the electrician McKinnon can rely on.

Did you know: We also have Electricians that work in McKinnon

More than just Air Conditionings in Mckinnon


What is reverse cycle air conditioning?
Reverse cycle air conditioning can cool or heat your home from a single unit. The air conditioner cycle is designed to ‘reverse’ from absorbing the heat from inside your home to cool your home in summer to drawing the ambient warmth from outside to warm your home in winter. Reverse cy...
How does air conditioning work?
Split system air conditioning is a very versatile climate control solution for everything from a granny flat to a large home but how do they cool or heat our homes so well? How does split system air conditioning work? Ambient air is drawn in through the base of the indoor unit gently ...

For more in depth air conditioning information visit our Air conditioning Information page


Master Electrician of the Year

1st Call Electrical is extremely proud to be the winner of the Victorian Master Electricians Excellence Awards for the 2nd year in a row. This is testament to the great work we do for our many customers.