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Split system air conditioner installation

Looking for a reliable air conditioner to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter? Reverse cycle split system air conditioners are an energy efficient climate control option for your Melbourne home or business. With a model selection ranging from small systems perfect for a bedroom or home office to large units ideal for open plan living areas or commercial workspace. 1st Call Electrical Services offers a professional air conditioner installation service throughout Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs.

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Split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning is perfect for the Aussie climate and home design. The small indoor unit fits just about anywhere in your home and the compact outdoor condenser can be placed in the garden, on a balcony, or mounted on an external wall. 

Their wall-mounted split system range carries many features which ensure your home or business benefits from clean, filtered temperature controlled air all year round. Features can include:

  • energy efficient operation
  • anti-microbial indoor fan
  • self-clean operation
  • allergen air filtering systems
  • wide temperature operation range
  • quiet operation
  • human sensor control
  • jet air scroll long reach and silent air flow
  • DRED or PeakSmart enabled - to reduce pressure on the electricity grid during peak periods
  • timers - on/off, sleep
  • DC power for reduced energy use

Benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is perfect for Melbourne's legendary changeable weather conditions. With the push of a button, you have a one appliance solution for all your heating or cooling needs.

The energy efficiency of a reverse cycle air conditioner in comparison to an electric heater is vastly better. A 5 or 6-star reverse cycle unit produces less than one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional electric heater.

Many reverse cycle air conditioners offer advanced air filtration systems which remove pollutants, bacteria, germs, airborne irritants and allergens such as pollen or mould spores, dust, and bad odours making them ideal for city living.

Split system installation Melbourne

1st Call Electrical Services offers the installation of a range of split system air conditioners, both single split system and multi-split throughout Melbourne's inner suburbs. Our experienced electrical team can recommend and install the most energy-efficient heating and cooling system for your house, apartment, office, or commercial property. Contact 1st Call electricians on 1300 360 215 or complete our quote request form today.


How does air conditioning work?
Split system air conditioning is a very versatile climate control solution for everything from a granny flat to a large home but how do they cool or heat our homes so well? How does split system air conditioning work? Ambient air is drawn in through the base of the indoor unit gently ...
What is reverse cycle air conditioning?
Reverse cycle air conditioning can cool or heat your home from a single unit. The air conditioner cycle is designed to ‘reverse’ from absorbing the heat from inside your home to cool your home in summer to drawing the ambient warmth from outside to warm your home in winter. Reverse cy...
How much does it cost to get a split system installed?
There is no one-cost-fits-all solution as there are so many variables to installing a split system air conditioner. The upside is most good air conditioner installers are happy to provide you with a comprehensive quote which means you can be fully prepared for the costs involved as well as removi...

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