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Why should I service my air conditioner?

Would you like to extend the life of your air conditioner, ensure it operates at peak efficiency and provides your home with clean air all year round? The answer is simple, regular air conditioning maintenance. A yearly service for cool-only models or a twice-yearly service for reverse cycle units is all it takes to keep your aircon in top condition.

Why carry out an air conditioning service?

There are many benefits of carrying out a regular air conditioner service apart from the points we've mentioned above.

  • catch potential problems before they become large issues
  • keep the unit clean and free from mould or bacteria growth - allowing mould spores or airborne bacteria to blow through your room can lead to health or respiratory problems for those living or working in the building.
  • small faults, blockages or fan damage can lead to the unit working harder to cool or warm your home which affects the amount of power used to maintain a comfortable environment. A service check can find and repair these small issues to reduce the power consumption of the unit.
  • ensure the air con handles temperature extremes on really hot days or very cold winter nights.
  • faulty air conditioners can gradually become louder and louder, servicing can keep operation noises to a minimum, something particularly crucial for units in sleeping areas.

When to service your air conditioner?

We are all aware that Melbourne is known for experiencing four seasons in one day. As a result of these unpredictable weather patterns, air conditioners across the city may need to be cooling your home one minute and warming it the next.

As a general guide, we recommend getting a service at the beginning of summer and again at the start of winter for reverse cycle models. Cool-only systems should be serviced before the hot weather hits, around September or October.

Units that are used continuously may require more frequent servicing.

Tip - Don't leave your check-up until the last minute as you may have difficuties booking a technician during peak times.

Of course, if the aircon starts making unusual noises, begins to smell bad, springs a leak or develops any other ongoing issue get a technician to look at it promptly, whatever time of year it is.

Long term savings

Many worry about the value of servicing but the reality is that the small cost of service could easily prevent hefty expenses of breakdowns or even replacing the whole air conditioning system if problems become unrepairable.

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