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Benefits of upgrading your old air conditioner

Not sure whether you should shell out for a new air conditioner this summer? With temperatures again set to soar up into the high 30s towards the end of the week keeping cool is yet again going to be on everyone's minds. How does your aircon cope with these really hot days? Does it struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home? Some older air conditioners seem, on the surface to be going strong, when in fact they are using a lot of excess power to keep your home cool.

Upgrading to a new air conditioner can have many advantages, here are just a few.

Star energy ratings

Higher energy-rated systems are much cheaper than they were 10 years ago, making purchasing as well as running an air con much more affordable. You could potentially save around 15% on running costs for every extra star.

Get the right fit

Is your current system the right size for the room you are trying to cool or heat? Excess energy is used by a small air con trying to cool a large area.

The same can be said for an extra-large air conditioner fitted in a small room, energy is wasted unnecessarily with power overkill.

Choosing the ideal sized air con for the area you need to cool or warm will allow the system to work at its most efficient, saving energy every day.

Overlooked aircon maintenance

Older systems that haven't received regular air conditioner maintenance and servicing throughout their lives can draw excess power just trying to maintain the temperature in your home.

New energy-efficient features

The myriad of extra features which accompany newer models can significantly reduce operating costs. Functions such as:

  • economy mode
  • self-cleaning
  • daily and weekly timers
  • WiFi control - control your air con from anywhere via your smartphone
  • human sensor control - the air conditioner switches to energy-saving mode when a room has been unoccupied for a certain time, often 20 mins
  • responsive louvre control - for more efficient air distribution throughout the room

Advanced air filter systems

Air filter technology has come a long way in the past few years with various filters removing everything from bacteria, mould spores, dust, bad odours, and other allergens from the air entering your home.

Air conditioners with advanced filters are ideal for people with asthma and respiratory issues.

Switching styles

If your existing air con is a window rattler, just upgrading to an energy-efficient split system style air conditioner could reduce energy costs substantially.

Constant noise

Ageing air conditioners can become a pain in the ear. The hum, rattle or clunk of the old model can keep you awake at night and give the neighbours something to complain about. Many newer aircon models boast whisper-quiet operation, inside the home and out.

Cash incentives

Government rebates may be available when you upgrade your old air conditioner with a new energy-efficient model through the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive. Find out more here - victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au

Energy Saver Tip

A handy way to work out how much each appliance in your home is costing to run each year is by using the Victorian Energy Saver Appliance Calculator

Heating and cooling in one

Upgrading from a cool-only model to a reverse cycle air conditioner provides energy-efficient cooling and heating for your home all year round from one appliance.

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