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Turn the main switch off, it may save your life

Doing some home maintenance this weekend that involves going into your ceiling space or under the floor of your house?

Going under the floor to rescue the dog/cat, or get the spare tiles you keep under there? Store stuff in the ceiling space?

Before you do any of these jobs remember to:

Turn the main electrical switch off first!

Many older electrical installations still have cloth-covered wiring installed in metallic split conduits. These conduits can be disturbed and the wiring can deteriorate causing the metallic conduits to become live.

Old faulty wiring
Old, faulty wiring

Unfortunately, there have been recent instances of fatalities when people in their roof spaces have come into contact with these live metallic conduits.

Even in homes with newer wiring we still come across unprotected terminations and poorly installed cabling.

Faulty wiring
Poorly installed wiring

By turning off your MAIN SWITCH you are reducing your exposure to unseen hazards in the crawl spaces around your home.

Don't delay wiring repairs

1st Call Electrical Service's licensed electricians can evaluate the safety of your existing installation, remove old metallic split conduit, and re-wire the circuits to ensure you're protected from electrical accidents due to faulty wiring while working around your home.

Call us now if you are in any doubt about the condition of your wiring on 1300 016 671 or complete our service booking form today.

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