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Office Data Networks

Got a new office space and need a data network? Or is your existing setup no longer fit for purpose? 1st Call Electrical is your 1st call for your office data network. 

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Importance of an Efficient Office Data Network

Office Data networks are the veins of your organisation they allow for the efficient transfer of data and fast internet speeds. However, they can become outdated or when inefficiently installed, negatively affecting productivity. When contemplating upgrading your existing data network or having a new network installed you will want a licensed data cabler to ensure your system is correctly installed to maximise efficiency.

Components of an Office Data Network

Components of an Office Data Network

Many different types of cabling make up your business data network. Inefficiencies in one of these links can flow through to your office's entire operation. Let our expert team of data cablers install your data network and remove any inefficiencies.

NBN Cabling

A common myth is that just having an NBN connection at your office immediately means you have the fastest internet possible. However, your internet connection is greatly impeded by the hardware and cabling at your office. Much like trying to run water through a blocked pipe old existing telephone lines are far less efficient than modern NBN-specific cabling systems.

Security Cameras & Other Video Cabling

CCTV and other video systems require specific cables to transport large quantities of information quickly to keep you updated with what is going on inside and around your office building. When it comes to board rooms rather than running long HDMI cables along the ground that can be unsightly and a trip hazard our team can install data points right next to lecturnes or desks and run the length of cable through your walls and roof.

Intercom & Other Audio Cabling

Intercom and audio cabling allow for efficient transport of audio signals allowing for crisp audio at both ends. Whether it's entry intercom systems or audio systems in a board room we have a solution for you.

Entrance Facilities Cabling

When it's important you know who comes in and out of your office efficient entrance facility data cabling can get information to you as it happens. whether it's security tags or door bells our team will create a discrete system for you.

Phone Cabling

Efficient phone cabling keeps the bulk of your phone cabling in the walls out of sight keeping your office clean from unsightly cables. Allowing for easy communication throughout your office no matter its size.

Office Data Cabling Networks

Licensed Commercial Cablers Melbourne

Our team are fully licensed and registered data cablers with ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority). Keeping them on the cutting edge of industry standards and techniques ensures your office has a reliable and efficient data network. It also means that all work we do will be tidy and to the highest standard as we love what we do. Contact our team today for all your office data network needs no matter the size of your office we have a solution for you.

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