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Cablers Melbourne

Are you struggling with slow internet or does your office data cabling system look like a rat nest? Whether it's an inefficient Wi-Fi system or the need for a new phone system you need an accredited data cabler. Data cablers are specialist electricians who have undertaken training to become registered Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) data cablers. ACMA data cablers are armed with all the tools and knowledge to efficiently and effectively install your data cabling. 1st Call Electrical has a team of registered data cablers who are ready to help with all your data cable needs.

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Accredited Commercial Data Cabler Melbourne

Are you looking to update your business's data cabling systems? 1st Call Electrical have a team of registered ACMA data cablers who understand the intricacies of commercial data cabling. We will work with you and your business to create a data-cabling structure that meets your needs. We offer a wide range of commercial data cabling services including:

  • Data Cables Installation
  • Network Cable Installations
  • Data Point Installation
  • Internet Cabling Installation
  • NBN Cable Installation
  • Security Camera Installation

1st Call Electrical is your one-stop data cabling shop for Melbourne whether it's a new storefront data cabling fit-out or a whole office re-cable we do it all.

Commercial Data Cabler Melbourne

Security Camera Cablers Melbourne

1st Call Electrical offers custom CCTV systems that will give you a clear image and help protect your home or business. When installing your camera system our team ensures that it is clear of obstructions and that lighting is ample for the camera we can also combine your CCTV data cabling with your other data cabling to create a central data hub in your premises. Don't settle for a patchy CCTV system let our team give you a clear view of your whole premises.

NBN Data Cabler Melbourne

Are you getting the most out of the NBN? Most houses and businesses in Melbourne have access to the NBN however just having access is very different to having fast and complete internet coverage throughout your home or business. Our team will work to create an NBN network cabling system that provides fast internet speeds to every room of your home or commercial premises. some of the NBN-related services we offer are:

  • Data Point Installation
  • Data Network Cabling Installation
  • NBN Installation

Our team are here to help you make the most of your NBN connection.

NBN Data Cabler Melbourne


Structured Cablers Melbourne

Are your data cabling network systems getting outdated or no longer fit for your business or home needs? Our structured cabling specialist are here to help! Whether it's an upgrade or a new system our team will work to create a system to meet your network demands. Some services we provide as part of a structured cabling job are:

  • New Data Point Install
  • Data Cable Installation for CCTV Systems 
  • Fire and Safety Alarm Cabling Installation
  • Security System Data Cabling Installation
  • Telecommunication Cabling Install
  • Backbone Cabling Installation
  • Horizontal Cabling Installation

1st Call Electrical is your 1st Call licensed cabler Melbourne with extensive knowledge of all things data cabling. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced data cabling specialists, who will design a customized solution tailored to your specific needs.

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