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Why do I need a Certificate of Electrical Safety?

What exactly is a Certificate of electrical safety?

Quite simply, a certificate of electrical safety (COES) is a consumer guarantee that electrical work has followed a stringent set of standards and guidelines and that this work was performed by qualified personnel. This also involves the use of an audit to ensure compliance.

Who issues the Certificate of electrical safety?

COES certificates are only available from qualified electrical workers who are registered or licensed by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) For the consumer this refers to the electrical contractor performing any electrical work on the premises. On completion of any electrical work, the certificate is then issued.

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Do I really need a Certificate of electrical safety?

I think the easiest answer to this question is peace of mind, you wouldn’t want anything going wrong or a disaster to happen to you or your family would you? In order to guarantee work, you should choose a reliable tradesperson or electrical contractor who list their qualifications and expertise on their own website, this is one of the easiest ways to verify if they are licenced or not. You can also ask to see a tradespersons licence performing work on your premises at any time.

When do I receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety?

When electrical work gets completed at your premises you will receive an electrical safety certificate by your electrician. If you do not receive a certificate you can request one at any time from the tradesperson or contactor completing the work. Failure to comply with supplying a certificate will incur heavy penalties for tradespeople who don't or are unable to provide a certificate of compliance on completion.

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