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Should you have smart lights installed?

If we were going to make this article really short and sweet, we would just say 'Yes, you should have smart lights installed' and sign off. However, we feel like we should probably give you a little bit of information as to what smart lights are, how they work and why you should have them in your home. Read on for a little more!

Smart Lights

Smart lights have been around for awhile, but have become increasingly popular over the last year or so. From voice commands to phone apps controlling lighting colour changes to being able to turn off the lights when you aren't home, smart lights have a huge range of benefits. But are they really worth it?

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What are smart lights?

Smart lights are named 'smart' due to their built-in WiFi capabilities. This internet connection offers a huge range of opportunities, as remote connectivity allows for abilities like voice activation, light dimming, colour changing and the capacity to turn lights on or off at particular times of day. Sounds pretty intelligent to us!

Smart Lighting Home

How do smart lights work?

When it comes down to it, how smart lights work is actually relatively simple. The lighting in your home or workplace is all interconnected between both themselves and the internet, expanding the capabilities of your lights. It offers you the ability to control your lights by voice, by a device set up in the building or via your phone or tablet (or a combination), meaning your lights can have the ability to:

  • Change colours
  • Become dimmer or brighter
  • Flash, or phase in and out
  • Be programmed to turn on or off at particular times of the day or night
  • Be controlled whether placed indoor or outdoor

You can also check the status of your lighting while you are out, allowing you to turn your lights on or off even though you aren't at home.

When researching smart lights, ensure you take a look at the standby options for the different choices. Some smart lights have very energy inefficient standby arrangements, meaning you may receive a much larger electricity bill than you anticipated after installing them!

Should you have have smart lights installed?

Yes, however make sure you speak to a professional as to how this should occur, and what the best system is for your needs. There are a range of options available, meaning not every choice will be the right one for you.

Smart Lights At Home

Why should you have smart lights installed?

Now comes the big question - why should you have smart lights installed? It is all good for us to say you should, but why? Smart lights are an investment in your home, and offer ease and efficiency. But what else?

  • Variety: There are a huge range of smart lights, meaning you should be able to find something that suits your needs.
  • Durability: Smart lights are durable and last for long periods of time, meaning they are a cost effective option for years to come.
  • Complete Control: You have complete control of your lighting throughout your home via your phone, tablet or other options, offering both comfort (you don't have to get out of bed to turn the light off!) and convenience (you can turn off all the lights in your home as you walk out the door).
  • Do not have to move: Just think - you want to watch a movie, and you would like the lights off, but you are already comfortably positioned on the couch and ready to push play. With smart lights, you can either provide a voice command or other choice to turn the light off without leaving your comfy spot.
  • Options: Varying apps offer so many options when it comes to lighting choices, such as grouping lights together, dimming or changing colour schemes, and creating special combinations of effects (known as 'scenes').
  • Controlled Remotely: The ability to control your lights when you are not home is a huge feature of smart lights. You won't ever forget to turn a light off when you leave ever again, and you can turn lights on in preparation for you to arrive home.
  • Colour Changes: A lot of smart lights offer colour change settings, meaning you could have purple, blue or even green lights when you feel like it. If you aren't looking for something as drastic as that, they can also offer different light hues for different times of day - like white light when the sun is shining and warmer colours in the evening.

Although not having to move to turn off a light switch may seem lazy to some, it can have a lot of benefits to the elderly, sick or those with limited mobility. The independence offered by smart lights is great for those who rely on others to complete small, simple tasks (like turning a light on or off), offering more confidence for everyday things. If you have any more questions, speak to your local light professional and they will be able to assist.

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