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4 reasons to upgrade your switchboard

If you are wondering whether it’s time to upgrade your home’s old fuse board then it’s probably a good idea to get on it. The mere fact that you have a fuse board rather than a switchboard means the electrical infrastructure in your home is at risk. Just in case you needed further motivation here are 4 reasons why upgrading your switchboard is the smart choice.

1. Constant blown fuses

Old-style ceramic fuses were never designed to cope with the load that modern homes and appliances place on them. This increased demand can result in repeated blown fuses as the circuits struggle to cope, which is an annoying inconvenience at best.

When the fuse blows it’s actually doing exactly what it is designed to do which is cut off the electrical supply to the circuit when it becomes overloaded. This prevents electrical wiring and components from overheating and causing electrical fires.

Old Fuse Board

If your fuses blow again and again this is a sign that the electrical systems in your home are not coping with the demand and upgrading your switchboard is recommended. Fitting your home with a new switchboard and modern circuit breakers means the system can manage a much higher level of electricity use safely.

2. Arcing risk

It only takes a small worn or loose connection or corroded wiring within the switchboard to cause electricity to spark or arc, creating excess heat and potentially causing a fire. The risk is even greater if your switchboard is attached to an older-style panel.

During the process of upgrading your switchboard, your electrician will review your home’s wiring to ensure all necessary adjustments are made to make sure your whole home is electrically safe.

3. Modern safety features

A lot of research has gone into the creation of a safe, effective electrical system design in Australia that not only protects the appliances in your home or business but also guards against potentially fatal electrical accidents. Features such as fast-activating circuit breakers, safety switches, and surge protectors create a system which will very quickly shut off the power to individual circuits if overloads, surges, or electrical faults happen.

Modern Switchboard

These devices can be the difference between losing power to a circuit and losing a life.

4. Old fuse box = old wiring

If your home has an old-style fuse box it probably has old wiring throughout the building too. Even though electrical wiring is usually tucked away within walls or in the ceiling void wear and tear can still occur as the ageing insulation degrades, wiring is damaged by rodents and insects, or accidental disturbance during home maintenance tasks. As we mentioned above, during a switchboard upgrade your licenced electrician will assess the electrical wiring throughout your home for any repairs or upgrades required.

Even a well-maintained fuse board can struggle to cope with the electrical needs of our modern lifestyle which can lead to all sorts of issues. Don’t wait until a fire or electrical accident to prompt you to upgrade your switchboard, contact our Melbourne electricians today.