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Don't risk unlicensed electrical work

Don't risk unlicensed electrical work

The dangers of unlicensed electrical work have recently been in the media with the death of a young NSW carpenter earlier this year. The carpenter was electrocuted while working in the roof of a home thought to have unlicensed electrical wiring illegally connected to the mains power system.

This tragedy is a reminder for every home and business owner across the country to only ever use licenced tradespeople, especially electricians, for the safety of residents, but also those other tradespeople who may need to work on the property in the future.

Using an unlicensed electrician for any electrical work poses a huge safety risk, plus it can void your insurance cover.

Master Electricians Australia

Malcolm Richards, CEO of Master Electricians Australia, issued this warning regarding connecting your home to power illegally.

"I cannot be any clearer than this – you will die or your loved ones will die. If you think electricity is expensive now, think about the price that you might pay,” Mr Richards said.

“If you pay unlicensed people to illegally bypass your power meter, you also bypass all the devices built into your switchboard to keep you and your property safe. If you have an electrical accident later, your safety switches and circuit breakers won’t be able to cut the power.

“In our experience, these dangerous operators also use sub-standard wiring and equipment – including cables that have been recalled by legitimate wholesalers because they have been shown to break down over time or melt under extreme loads.

“Altogether, this presents a very serious risk of electrocution or fire, and of someone you care about getting hurt or killed.”

Energy Safe Victoria

Energy Safe Victoria recommends asking to see every tradespersons license. The license will show what type of work the person is qualified and competent to do, as well as the expiry date of the license. This is an example of a Victorian Electrician's Licence.

Victorian Electrician Licence

Your licenced electrician will always issue you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) which documents that the work has been done by a qualified, licensed person and that the work was carried out in accordance with the high standards of Energy Safe Victoria.

More information can be found here at Energy Safe Victoria

Important - If your electrician can't, or doesn't want to, show you their licence, don't give them the job, for everyone's safety.

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