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How to Read the New Energy Rating Labels for Air Conditioners?

Quick Guide on Using ZERL for your Aircon

The new Zoned Energy Rating Label was rolled out in April 2020. This new energy label considers the Australian climate to provide accurate information on efficiency and energy consumption.

If you are interested in learning more about the new energy label and how you can use it to determine the efficiency of an air conditioner, keep reading. In this article, we will discuss the key features of the ZERL and how it will help you determine the annual running costs.

Energy Rating for Air Conditioners | First Call Electrical

Energy Rating Labels

Energy rating labels list the energy efficiency and running costs of household appliances. This allows consumers to compare the efficiency and energy consumption of their appliances.

Star Rating

Star rating primarily gave 1 to 7 stars for products based on their energy efficiency relative to other models of the same size.

A 7-star rating is given to a highly energy-efficient product whilst a 1-star rating means a low energy-efficient product.

The higher the energy efficiency, the lower will be its energy consumption and running costs.

Star Rating for Air Conditioners | Air Conditioner Installation | First Call Electrical

Zoned Energy Rating Label

Climate can play a major role on the energy-efficiency and performance of an appliance. Humidity, cloud cover, temperature are major contributing factors in the working of your aircon or water heater.

This is why the Energy Efficiency advisory Team has developed a zone-based energy efficiency labelling. The new label includes a lot more information than

How will the ZERL help you?

It will provide you with detailed information on:

  • Heating and cooling capacity of the aircon
  • Annual running costs
  • Noise level of the unit
  • Energy-efficiency

How to read the new energy rating label?

Zoned Energy Rating Label | Air Conditioner Installation | Melbourne

The new label accounts for three climate zones across Australia and New Zealand. Efficiency and energy consumption of your aircon will depend on where you live. The three climate zones are:

  • Hot - Brisbane, Darwin and Pacific Island fall in this zone
  • Average - Adelaide, Perth and Sydney
  • Cold - Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and New Zealand lie in this region

The capacity of the aircon is measured in kW and the annual consumption for heating and cooling in killowatt hours (kWh). The cooling capacity is measured at an outdoor temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and the heating capacity is measured at two temperatures - 2 degrees Celsius and 7 degrees Celsius.

Note: Blue colour indicates cooling and red indicates heating

How to use the label?

Before you begin, keep two things in mind. Firstly, compare air condiitoners of similar size. Secondly, compare efficiency of the products which have the same labels, ZERL with ZERL label.

  • Select the zone you are in, for example, if you are in Sydney, you will be in the grey zone. If you are in Melbourne, you are in the black zone and you should read the Black ratings
  • Determine the size of the aircon. At First Call Electricals, our air conditioning technicians will suggest the right sized aircon based on the size of the room, sunlight, insulation, etc. The capacity of the aircon should suit the space you want to heat or cool for effective operation
  • Noise - Check the noise output; the lower it is, the better it will be
  • Compare the star rating in your zone. The blue stars show the cooling efficiency and the red stars show the heating efficiency. Higher the numbers, better is its performance
  • Calculate the running cost - Multiply the kWh amount by the electricity tariff rate. For example, if the electricity tariff is $0.27 per kWh, multiply it with 205 + 1568 for the black zone, i.e. 1773 x 0.27. The estimated cost to run the aircon annually would be $478.71

1st Call Electrical Services offers the installation of a range of split system air conditioners, both single split system and multi-split throughout Melbourne's. Our experienced electrical team can recommend and install the most energy-efficient heating and cooling system for your home or commercial property. Contact 1st Call electricians on 1300 016 671 or complete our quote request form today.




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