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What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

Reverse cycle air conditioning can cool or heat your home from a single unit. The air conditioner cycle is designed to ‘reverse’ from absorbing the heat from inside your home to cool your home in summer to drawing the ambient warmth from outside to warm your home in winter.

Reverse cycle air conditioners, which are sometimes referred to as heat pump systems, absorb the warmth from the outside air which is utilised by the unit to warm the air throughout your home. The system can achieve this exchange even on very cold days. This style of heating is more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric space heaters.

Home Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

The opposite occurs during the hot times of the year when the refrigerant absorbs the heat from inside your home which is then expelled outside, cooling your home.

Inverter reverse cycle air conditioners can vary their output to manage the cooling or heating requirements. Rather than turning off once the desired temperature is achieved and then turning back on when the thermostat begins to drop as older air con models did inverter technology gently adjusts the power to maintain a comfortable temperature efficiently.

Reverse cycle air con styles

Both split system and ducted air conditioners are manufacturered in reverse cycle options. This style of climate control is ideal for most areas of Australia where the climate fluctuates from cool winters to hot summers.

Some northern parts of the country may only require home heating during the occasional cold winter night but having that option available at the touch of a button means never having to haul out the space heater if the temperature drops. Most areas of Australia benefit from the cooling breeze of the reverse cycle air con on a hot January day.

Not sure if reverse cycle air conditioning is right for your home or buisness? Speak to your local air con specialist today.

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