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How much does it cost to get a split system installed?

There is no one-cost-fits-all solution as there are so many variables to installing a split system air conditioner. The upside is most good air conditioner installers are happy to provide you with a comprehensive quote which means you can be fully prepared for the costs involved as well as removing any nasty unexpected expenses.

Keep reading to find out more about what can affect the cost of your air conditioner installation as well as tips on how to keep charges as affordable as possible.

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What can affect the price of your aircon installation?

Location of the air conditioner

The position of the indoor and outdoor unit of the split system can change the costs involved in the installation. Location and fitting recommendations are usually provided by the aircon manufacturer and often stipulate that the outdoor unit needs to be in a shaded or sheltered area on a solid (often concrete) base or in a wall-mounted bracket. Depending on the available space finding a suitable position for the outdoor unit can influence the price.

Indoor units are commonly wall-mounted but ceiling or floor mounted and bulkhead options are also available. The location of the indoor unit and building structure can add or lower the installation costs depending on how straightforward the job is.

Style of building

The style or design of the building, eg: townhouse, house, multi-storey apartment, will influence the accessibility of the job. If your installer can easily access the inside and outside to fit the unit the job could cost less than if they need specialist equipment to carry out the install.

Size of the unit

While most single split system units can be connected to a standard electrical circuit in your home some upgrades may be required if you have an old electrical system or a larger aircon with specific power requirements.


If your home or business still has an old fuse board you may have to upgrade to a modern switchboard to accommodate the power requirements of the air conditioning unit.

Important Note - if you still have a fuse box our electricians recommend upgrading it to a switchboard for the safety of everyone living and working around the building. Electrical safety is always a priority, never cut corners to save $$ when working with electricity.

Extra space for the dedicated aircon circuit (if you are replacing an old system this may already be set up) is needed within your existing switchboard and any electrical upgrades to cater for this can add to the price.

How many units installed in one job?

Installing several split system air conditioners in a single job can reduce installation costs if you’re thinking of adding air conditioning to several rooms. Alternatively opting for a multi-split system, where up to 6 indoor units are powered by one outdoor unit, can manage expenses if you’re looking for climate control for multiple rooms or the whole home or workplace.

Refrigeration pipe

The length/amount of refrigeration piping required to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit will influence the costs. This distance can also affect how much refrigeration gas is needed for the unit.

Air Conditioner Supply Costs

The brand, size and style of air conditioner you choose will have a significant impact on the expenses involved in your total aircon installation. Price variables with different air conditioner units can be due to:

  • Brands - the price of a similar product across the various brands can differ a lot with quality, features, warranties and more altering purchase costs.
  • Reverse cycle or cool only models - depending on the climate control requirements of your home or commercial property you may choose a reverse cycle unit for year-round cooling and heating or a cool only system for summer use. Cool only units tend to be a bit cheaper than reverse cycle style systems.
  • Unit size - this will be determined by aspects such as - how big the area you wish to cool or heat is, what insulation your home has, the number of windows in the room, and flooring type.
  • System features - such as advanced filtration systems, wifi, DRED enabled, app connections

Aircon purchase price vs quality

Don’t be tricked into purchasing a cheap air conditioner. We recommend shopping around but sticking with the major air conditioning brands which have well-proven reliable products. Check online reviews of the unit to weed out the lemons as well as speaking to your local aircon specialists for expert advice.

Buying an air conditioner purely on price could leave you with a unit that requires early replacement, increased maintenance or a potentially higher breakdown risk. Some brands keep costs down by sacrificing essential systems such as after-sales service support.

Lower-cost units can also have reduced energy efficiency which can lead to higher operating costs. Look for the cooling/heating energy rating label and compare it with other units to help keep running costs down in the long term.

Tips to keep aircon install costs affordable

  • Buy reputable, proven brands - reducing ongoing costs
  • Buy and install your aircon out of peak periods - avoid purchasing and installing your air conditioner at the beginning or middle of summer. During the cooler times of year, many brands offer deals on units and you’re less likely to have to wait for an installer to carry out your job.
  • Opt for an aircon supply & installation package - Your air conditioner installer can often purchase the unit you are after at a reduced price than if you buy through a retailer due to trade discounts and bulk buying practices.
  • Request a quote from a reputable local air conditioner installer and speak to the technician about your options. Advice from a trusted aircon professional can help you make significant savings on your air conditioning installation.


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